Hyundai Motor Company

Position held: Backend developer

The company "Hyundai Motor CIS" was created in 2007, becoming the exclusive importer and distributor of Hyundai cars in Russia.
Languages and Frameworks:
HMVC Framework Kohana
CSS Framework Foundation
Ajax Json Api Git

About the project

Company "Hyundai Motor CIS" I needed to develop a platform for administration and support site. At the beginning of the work there was only html-site, adding new content and maintenance, was on the programmers of the company.

It was decided to rapid development of intuitive system operation and support of the site, to relieve the programmers, and maintenance of the site to convey the company's managers and PR-department.

Hyundai, Motor, Website

The main task was to develop a platform for easy employee interface site, without interaction with the code.

A secondary objective was to develop a content management system on the site. The entire site has the opportunity to restructuring and fully dynamic. your media center to control the news content was created. The web application also takes into account the separation of access rights and had the possibility of granting rights to different parts of functionality.

Developed and various functional features that require the company. Filters and categories, which accelerated the search and adds the ability to interact with CRM-system for generating queries and responses. Create a distribution management system for the company's clients and employees.

Developer, design, Website

Functional Features:

  • Moving on html-site framework Kohana.
  • For all the rules of the PLO system.
  • Create a closed control system (for company management).
  • Develop the administrative part of the project.
  • Interact with CRM-system.
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